If you've already attained your CAIB or AIIC designation, or if you have extensive insurance-industry experience including advanced knowledge of commercial-lines products and risk management, you're able to earn a Canadian Certified Insurance Broker (CCIB) designation. This national designation is the mark of peak insurance-broker knowledge and experience.

CCIB is a self-study program that requires candidates to challenge three rigorous exams, which are all in-depth and experience-based. There are no textbooks to study from, but you may refresh and enhance your knowledge by using CAIBs 1, 2, 3 and 4 as study tools.

Part 1

Essay-Based Examination

  • 3.5-hour written examination

  • Comprised of 10, 10-mark case-study-style questions

  • Tests the application of technical knowledge and risk management
Part 2 Short-Answer Examination
  • 2-hour verbal examination, face-to-face with an examiner 

  • Short-answer questions

  • Tests technical knowledge

If you're unsuccessful with either the written exam or the verbal exam (Parts 1 or 2),
you're given the opportunity to challenge that part again at a later date without academic penalty.

Part 3

Survey Examination

  • Successful completion of both Parts 1 and 2 is a prerequisite to challenge the survey exam

  • 5-hour open-book written exam, in which you'll prepare an insurance proposal.

CCIB exams can only be scheduled under special arrangement with the IBABC licensing-course coordinator. And because special arrangements must be made, fees, deferral fees and cancellation fees apply to all CCIB exams. No exceptions.

Information and Registration

Have questions about CCIB? Contact the licensing-course coordinator, Susan Coles at:

Download the CCIB Registration Form.

Note: Textbooks that have been opened and are no longer in their original packaging cannot be returned to IBABC.